Agent Training/FAQ

Click on the link below and complete the form – once done we will activate you as an Agent

Agent Registration (shellabella.online)

Once signed up you are the Main Agent and you will get 15% Commission on your sales.  You will also get 5% commission on your Teams Sales.  On the website design you will get 10% commission (nothing from your Team)

You can sign up as many people in your Team as you want to – you earn 10 % commission on all their sales as well.

  • Let’s say you have a customer who places an order for R 1000 – you will get R 150 on that order
  • Now someone in your Team also places an order from their customer of R 1000 – they get R 150 and you get R 50

All commission payouts will be done on the 25th of each month 

If the 25th falls on a weekend then payment will be done on the business day after the 25th

Note:  If there is a problem and we are going to pay later than that we will send an Announcement on the Agent Dashboard

  • Click on Agent Dashboard that you will find below the Business Opportunity on the Menu

This will be the login used upon registration

If Admin (Which is Me) has an announcement that I would like to send to All Agents at once – the it will be done here by me.

You will not be able to send Announcements

  • This is similar to an email 
  • You can click on compose to send a message to Admin (Me) and I will reply to your message
  • I can also send a message to an Agent individually (So not to all Agents) something I just want to ask or tell you about


  • You can copy and send this link to your customers so they can register on our website and buy directly from us (This will ensure that the customer will be registered as your customer and you will get the commission) 


  • You can send this link to customers that just want to place an order but not actually register (Or if you want to advertise on social media you can use this link so that anyone who clicks on it is linked to you)


  • If you wish to advertise a specific product and link it to your Agent ID so you get the commission.
  • Go to the website
  • Click on the product that you wish to advertise
  • copy that products link (found in the browser top – see image below)
  • Then copy that link into the Product link generator 
  • Click on get link 
  • Now use that link to advertise a specific product

  • If you click on the +Add button you can add your customer details
  • The customer email will also be added (this way it will tell you if the customer already exists) then another Agent might already have that customer
  • After that when the customer signs in with that email address you will always get the commission on the sale
  • You can also click on “Shop as customer” and do the order for the customer
  • The customer will get an email to make the payment
  • Customer address will already be loaded etc.


  • Here you can see who is in your Team (So who are your Agents)
  • You can also add your Agents yourself by clicking on the +ADD button
  • They will get an email to approve it
  • Then they are part of your Team

They do not need to then complete the application form

When they have commission we will contact them for their bank details 


  • As we pay on the 25th any refunds will already be credited up to then
  • The website will automatically credit that off your commission
  • Should it overlap then it will be taken off the next month’s commission payout
  • You are welcome to buy our products and Resell them to your customers 
  • You can change the pricing to your own price
  • We do not offer any special pricing for Resellers though, you will pay the price on the website
  • You can still register as an Agent to get commission on your orders

Yes, we have the labels listed as a product so you can add to your cart 

  • We ship to the customer that you are ordering for
  • If you are wanting us to place your label on the Perfume and ship to your customer then you may select that on your order
  • We ship the items ordered directly to the address added on the order